body_wrap_promosGrow Your Business With Body Wrap Promotions

You have made a smart investment in the healthy aloe and herbal body wrap system from Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Vera Company as another way to help your business succeed. Here are a few suggestions that will make you successful and contribute to your continued success.
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Body Wrap Promotions

body_wrap_factsWithin your starter package, you have the “Body Wrap Facts” brochures. This is the most valuable promotional tool that will bring new clients to your salon and convince your clients to try this new body wrap treatment. I hope you are handing them out generously. Salon personnel should make sure that every client leaving the salon has a brochure in hand. If a client does not want a body wrap, perhaps their mom or sister will be interested to learn more about having a body wrap. This full color brochure is the least expensive advertising available. The brochures are available in packs of 50 and have a space on the back for your business name and telephone number.

A few “Body Wrap Facts” can be left at bridal stores, travel agencies, hospitals and other places where many people work. With your salon name on the back of the brochure, new clients will call directly to your salon. Some salons will encourage the bridal salon owner to put their name on the brochure as the referring business, and when 4 new clients (with the bridal salon marked brochure) come for body wraps, the salon will give a certificate for a free body wrap to the bridal salon. The bridal salon owner will give the certificate to the bride when she buys a gown at her business.

This link is the Body Wrap Facts Brochure.

Body Wrap Parties

A Body Wrap Party is a favorite way to increase business. Party attendees will watch a demonstration of a full body wrap and have one wrap cloth applied to an arm or a leg to experience the feel. This no-obligation, after-hours party will result in a multitude of appointments. Questions will be answered and usually a discount is given to anyone scheduling an appointment for later within the week.

This link is for Spa Parties to Build Business.

Offer a SERIES of Treatments

Offering the client a series of body wrap treatments is a great business builder. Skin tissue toning, skin softness and the other wrap benefits will be noticed after only one treatment, but when the client has repeat treatments scheduled 4 or 5 days apart, benefits multiply and business increases with a multitude of referrals for new clients having body wrap treatments.If a client comes to the salon once or twice each week, they obviously will refer more people than if they only had one treatment. Personal referrals are the Number One source of new clients. Some salons will offer a free bottle of Aloe Body Wash if the client will bring a friend to be wrapped at the same appointment time.

Series pricing should only be offered for a series of 7 or more treatments. Any series less than 7 full-body wraps will not result in enough benefit for the client to return for another series. If a client has cellulite, it will take 4 or 5 full body wrap treatments to soften that hardened fat before clients are pleased with the long-lasting benefits.

Explain Body Wraps with the Telephone Presentation

Salons use the “Telephone Presentation” to explain the body wrap to clients. Everyone in the salon using the same explanation will promote the treatment in a unified manner. Many salons will laminate the page or tape the page to the front desk top so it is always convenient to read to the client. We know that when the salon person uses the script of the Telephone Presentation, a large percent of the inquiries are scheduled to do body wrap treatments. When no script is available, the inquiring person does not get all their questions answered and no appointment is made.

We print “Body Wrap Helpful Hints” on the back side of the Telephone Presentation. Putting the two pages together is excellent information for salons to train their employees.

This link is for the Telephone Presentation

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The Importance of Promotions

Wrapping methods and techniques are important, but promotions are the most important for continued success. A technician can perform the wrapping perfectly, but if promotional talk about the treatment is not followed through continuously to every salon client, there will not be many clients and the clients that do have treatments may not schedule a series of treatments. We suggest that the body wrap technician give information to every client as if they were training the client to do the service. If the client understands why they are being wrapped in a certain way, they are more apt to purchase a series of treatments and much more likely to explain to their friends what the body wrap treatment is all about.