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Set-N-Me-Free Body Wrap Solutions will not require a shower following any of the treatments.
body wrap with linens
We do find that clients are most satisfied with results if they have cleaned their skin with Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Body Wash prior to having body wrapping treatments. When the Aloe Body Wash exfoliates dry surface skin and deep cleans pores the body wrap solution can be absorbed much better into the skin. Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Body Wash leaves no residue on the skin (or on your shower or tub walls) that will impede absorption of the body wrap solution.It is really beneficial if the client uses Aloe Body Wash for three showers prior to the body wrap treatments. Clients have better results if they, daily, use only Aloe Body Wash in the shower during a series of body wrap treatments.Watch our body wrapping video clips:set-n-me-free body wrap methodsBody Wrap Method #1
The Original Mummy Style Body Wrap Solution with linens – The most popular spa treatment! This concentrated herb tea solution of aloe vera and herbs is to be diluted three parts water to one part Solution. Cotton linen cloth strips are rolled and saturated in the Body Wrap Solution Concentrate. Heated to hot and steamy, the cotton rolls will be squeezed of excess solution for application. Eight to twelve rolled cloths are used to completely cover an average size person in a mummy-style wrapping method that is not applied tightly. The client lounges comfortably in the wrappings and a vinyl warming suit for 45 minutes. Some salons will offer a facial during the 45 minute lounging time. The client will be very relaxed while lounging in the warm solution soaked wrappings, many times the client will sleep.When the wraps are removed, the skin will be clean and fresh, NOT requiring a shower or any clean-off prior to dressing. The client will be very aware of the ultra soft skin noticed immediately after removal of the wraps. This softness will last for days. Clients will enjoy the ease of putting clothing on over the newly wrapped body. To finish the treatment, the client must drink 3-4 liters of water during the twenty-four hours following the treatment. Repeat body wraps should be scheduled every 4-5 days.

set-n-me-free body wrap methodsBody Wrap Method #2
Body Wrap Solution Gel with Cocoon Wrap Style – Body Wrap Solution Gel is a lightly gelled version of the Original Body Wrap Solution Concentrate. This formulation allows for the same amount of herbs per square inch of body, as the original Body Wrap Solution Concentrate.Warmed Solution Gel is applied to the body that has been warmed by an electric blanket, a tanning bed, a sauna, or a hot bath. Body warmth is maintained with a plastic sheet or cotton bed sheet and solar blanket after the gel has been applied. The electric blanket should be turned off for the 45-minute rest time to prevent perspiration. The client is lounging within the cotton-lined blanket during application. This “no-measuring cocoon wrap” is an easy add-on treatment for a facial client. Many times the treatment is enhanced by a foot and leg massage. This treatment requires about four minutes of labor, minimal cost for Body Wrap Solution Gel and one cotton sheet to launder. After the lounge time, the technician or the client will rub in (like a lotion) any remaining gel. The skin will be soft and smooth. No shower is needed after the treatment is finished. The client will be instructed to drink 3-4 liters of water during the following 24 hours. For best results, schedule 2 wraps per week for 6 weeks.

Photos compliments of Absolute Heaven Salon in Gresham Oregon


set-n-me-free body wrap methodsBody Wrap Method #3   (EXPRESS BODY WRAP)
Body Wrap Solution Gel with Plastic Wrapping – Express Body Wrapping provides the same results as the original linen body wrap, but offers a quick and easy application for technicians offering mobile services or working in small treatment rooms. 

Body Wrap Solution Gel is applied to the body and wrapped over lightly with one layer of plastic film. The plastic should not be pulled tight to create any compression. The client will lounge comfortably with only one bed sheet to cover over so warmth will be minimal to avoid perspiration. The plastic film holds the gel moist to the skin for 45 minutes for the gel to be absorbed. When the plastic is removed, any still-moist Body Wrap Solution Gel is rubbed into the body like a lotion, leaving the skin clean and supple. If a laundry facility is not available for cloth Body Wrap Methods, this is a good alternative.

As with all body wrap treatments, it is suggested that the client drink 3-4 liters of water during the 24 hours following the treatment and schedule a follow-up body wrap in 4-5 days. Use of Aloe Body Wash daily will keep pores cleaned for the solution to be better absorbed.




set-n-me-free body wrap methodsBody Wrap Method #4 (Variation On Method #1)
Body Wrap Solution Gel applied, then Wrapped with Hot Water Linens – Body Wrap Solution Gel is applied to the body either with a fan brush or a gloved hand and wrapped over with rolled linens that have been soaked in very hot water, squeezed and twisted so no dripping occurs. These rolled linens can be kept in a hot cabinet. Wrapping is done in the same manner as Body Wrap Method #1. A vinyl warming suit over the cloths will hold body heat without creating perspiration. This is a good method if the salon has body wrap treatments scheduled very infrequently because there is no mixing of product and no leftover solution to be saved. It is also a good method for being ready for an unscheduled client to receive a body wrap right away as preparation is easy and fast.
set-n-me-free body wrap methodsBody Wrap Method #5
Body Wrap Solution Concentrate and Solution Gel, Cocoon Method – This method uses a combination of both solutions. The difference with this treatment is that the client remains on the treatment table during the wrapping technique. The gel is applied to the client with a fan brush and cocoon wrap towels are laid under and over the client. Particular wrapping techniques are available for easy application. This is a popular method to be used when the client cannot stand during wrapping or would feel more comfortable lounging on the table while the wrapping and solution are applied.Clients are delighted with this method, with the clean fresh skin after this service and pleased that the treatment is so relaxing and refreshing. Clothes fit on easily after the cocoon wrap method treatment and as with the other methods, it is suggested that the client drink 3-4 liters of water during the 24 hours following the treatment.Best results are noted when the client has treatments every 4-5 days for a series of 7 or 12 treatments. If this is being used as a “heat therapy” treatment, repeat body wraps should be scheduled every three days. As with all other wrap methods, the client will have better solution absorption if Aloe Body Wash is used daily to keep pores cleaned.