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Learn 3 Professional Body Wrap Application Methods with No Salon Shower Needed. 

Mummy Style: the original

Cocoon Style: perfect for small treatment rooms

Express Style: quick service for quick profit

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Benefits of Our Body Wrapping Classes

  1. Nationwide, clients return every 4-5 days for another treatment to take a series of 7 or 12 body wraps.
  2. While the client is at the salon, they will usually have other services done.
  3. When they return so often during the series of treatments, they will refer their friends to your salon as well.
  4. Make room to lounge two clients to be body wrapped at the same time. (They will lounge 45 minutes in the wrapping). Many times friends or mothers-daughters will come together.
  5. While your client is relaxing in the wrap, have the nail tech do a manicure.
  6. A mini-facial is another easy “add-on” service during the lounge time.
  7. One technician can wrap up to 3 clients during a two hour time. Make a space to lounge them.

Learn Step-By-Step Protocol Effective Low-Cost Marketing

Learn from and purchase supplies from a local Northwest company that has 30+ years of practice.

What People Are Saying About Our Classes

“Really informative class; Great hands-on experience. I feel really confident with being able to use the product.”

“I’m so glad I came.”

“Super class, great product.”

“I thought they (the trainers) explained everything thoroughly; they were a real pleasure to do this class with.”

“Very informative.”

“Loved it! Ready to go-I’m a believer!”

“This class gave me the best way to perform the wrap as well as new marketing tools to present to my spa’s owners.”

“Love your class! Can’t wait for your next one!!”

“I love your products and learned lots of new stuff!!”

“Great class! Both ladies were knowledgeable and approachable.”

“Very good presentation-professional and very educational.”