May 2018

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Aloe Vera Body Wrap Re-Stock Pack

Buy the Case of 4 Re-Stock Packs and Get: 

4 gallons of Aloe & Herb Body Wrap Solution Concentrate (Liquid)

4 New Warming Suits in your choice of size/style

16 – 8 oz Aloe Body Wash suggested retail $15.00+

4 New Pair of Wrapping Gloves – wash between uses

4 New Measuring Tapes – wash between uses

200 Wrap Facts Brochures for Promoting this Body Wrap Services.

Average Return on this Investment $4,800.00 + $180.00

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Aloe Vera Body Wrap Benefits Clients LOVE: 

    • Hydration Boost – This product is aloe vera based and will deliver a boost of hydration to all skin types.
    • Heat Therapy – will increase relaxation as well as circulation; aids in the release of muscle tension, arthritis, and fibromyalgia discomfort.
    • Detoxification – Aloe vera and herbs work together synergistically to release toxins from fat cells. Clients the flush the toxins out of the body by drinking water resulting in a boost of energy and overall feeling of wellbeing.
    • Size Loss – Averaging 4-15 inches per treatment as a result of the detoxification process. In a series of 12 treatments spaced 4 days apart your client can lose up to 2 full clothes sizes.
    • Relaxation – Unlike other body wraps that encourage movement and/or exercise during a wrap, this wrap works best while the client is relaxing. Most clients will drift off to sleep while they lounge comfortably for 45 minutes of much needed down time.
    • Toned Skin – Hydration is the key to smooth, toned skin. By performing an all over body wrap treatment, clients will experience toning of waist, thighs, buttocks, chest and back. Looking to boost the effect in areas affected by cellulite? Aloe Heat Crème and Aloe Body Wash used daily at home will boost the effectiveness of each body wrap treatment.

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