aloe_moisturizing_lotion_bkg-262x350MOISTURIZING ALOE LOTION

Moisturize your skin with the luxury of aloe vera and vitamins. This concentrated lotion keeps your skin soft and smooth for the “all day” freshness you want.

These ingredients have been precisely chosen and blended to maintain and enhance nature’s tender balance. Rich in aloe which absorbs quickly in the epidermal layers, Moisturizing Aloe Lotion hydrates the skin and softens to leave a pleasant “touchable” texture.

Carry the pocket size lotion with you in the beach bag, purse, glove box, office and in your pocket for quick use where you want it and when you want it.

Available in 1.8 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz with pump, and gallons.

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Sweetly satisfying, these pleasant, refreshing moisturizers are perfect for intensive all-day skin hydration. Exercise indulgence with fun and fruity Skin Therapy moisturizing from Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Vera Company.

Aloe & Honey Skin Therapy Butter is light and smooth. It works well on face, neck and body for your best all-day or all-night moisturizing. Absorbs quickly for a clean finish.

The “super fruit” of Mango mixed into a Butter will move over arms, legs, feet – well ! all over the body for your fruitiest selection of the day. No more dry flakiness when this creme is rubbed into your skin. Try this on the roughest “working” hands.

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aloe heat cremeALOE HEAT CREME

This massage cream is rich with enzyme-active aloe, wintergreen and cinnamon oils to provide temporary warming and relaxing effects where it is applied.

A favorite among massage therapists and chiropractors, Aloe Heat Creme is a non-staining, petroleum free formula complimented by pleasant cinnamon aromatherapy.  You will find this creme being used at athletic events, fitness gyms, and elder care facilities.

Beauty spas use this cream after body wrapping and masking treatments to hydrate and warm the skin encouraging smooth texture. Aloe Heat Creme is a favorite product for at-home followup for cellulite treatments.

Foot and hand technicians apply the Aloe Heat Creme prior to paraffin dip treatments to increase absorption of warming oils. Clients like the warm relaxing feel that it leaves on their hands and fingers.

Apply sparingly and often. For Soothing Warmth, apply lightly and cover with a towel. For cooling, Massage the cream in well.

Available in 5 oz and 16 oz jars.

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body wrap soluton gelBODY WRAP SOLUTION GEL

Smooth Skin ~ Relax ~ Detoxify ~ Slim and Tone ~ Hydrate

The Body Wrap Solution Gel is a luxurious home/spa treatment. Experience hydrated and toned skin, relaxed and renewed body and mind with each application.

Aloe vera and herbs bathe the skin in softness and hydration while supporting the elimination of toxins from the body. Aromatherapy will ease the senses while you relax comfortably in the wrappings.

For full body instructions: body wrap kit instructions


Available in 2 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz bottles. Plus bulk sizes for professional use.

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aloe comfrey gel


This gel is recommended for Salons/Spas/Clinics to be used in the following ways:

  1. As a lubricant for facial massage, this light gel will provide glide to give a five minute facial massage without adding an oil to delicate facial skin. Clients feel refreshed and clean when they leave.
  2. Use after shaving, waxing, electrolysis, laser hair removal to cool and calm the skin. Aloe Comfrey Gel provides soothing “coolness” for the redness and sting of  waxing treatments. Aloe Comfrey Gel should be used the client 2 times per day for 3 days following all hair removal for conditioning the skin to promote softness, allowing new hairs to come through effortlessly.
  3. In the facial room, this gel is used during light therapy to provide lubrication. Also,highly effective as oil-free hydration for teens and clients with oily or congested skin.
  4. Dermal surgeons commonly use Aloe Comfrey Gel after surgery to keep skin soft and reduce scaring.
  5. Technicians working with hands and feet find that this gel will cool, hydrate and leave the skin soft and smooth. Soak fingernails and toenails for 10 minutes (retail bottles for soaking at home for 20 minutes nightly)
  6. Aloe Comfrey Gel is used  as a mouth rinse and oral cleaning gel for daily care.
  7. The combination of aloe vera, comfrey, and essential oils of clove, eucalyptus, and peppermint make this a must for every home, office, beach bag and pocket.
  8. Properties make Aloe Comfrey Gel ideal all skin types, but it is especially effective for dry scalp due to the non-sticky nature of the gel. Apply directly to scalp and hair as needed. Dries clear.
  9. Clinics use this gel over radiation therapy areas for daily cooling of the skin.

Available in 2 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, and gallons.

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GentleGel1 200X400d’ALOE GENTLE GEL

d’Aloe Gentle Gel is a concentrated aloe vera and quickly absorbing natural vitamins for skin softness. Active Ingredients: aloe vera, vitamin E, vitamin A, and chamomile. Use lightly, use often, rub in well. Pure 98% cooling aloe in a gel for the most sensitive skin. No colors or fragrances, just pure plant protein full of enzymes and conditioning amino acids.

Carry this cooling aloe gel with you to apply where and when you want it. New pocket size is perfect for purse or beach bag. d’Aloe Gentle Gel is perfect for sensitive and baby-like soft skin, and for frequently soothing oily, teen skin areas. They will carry the “pocket” size for easy use at any time of day. Spas use this d’ Aloe Gentle Gel as the final step to hydrate oily and congested skin types.

Available in 1.8 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 64 oz, and gallons.

As a “Cooling Body Wrap”: Follow the below steps.
1. Use Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Body Wash to gently exfoliate without scratching. This enzyme wash will deep clean, allowing the skin to breathe and the heat from the skin can escape to allow cooling.

2. Working in sections, apply d’Aloe Gentle Gel directly to effected areas and cover with 1 layer of plastic film. Allow this to stay on skin for 20-40 minutes. This cooling aloe gel feels good and will moisturize the skin.

3. Remove plastic, smooth any still-moist gel into the skin. Then, mist lightly with cooling Aloe Mist. Do not apply lotion (the oils will trap the heat). Re-apply d’Aloe Gentle Gel to affected areas every two awake hours during the first 48 hours. When the heat has cooled, begin applying Aloe Moisturizing Lotion.

Download free Cooling Body Wrap Instructions Here.

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aloe foot and callus rubFOOT & CALLUS RUB

Aloe vera with vitamin A, vitamin E, and menthol gives a cool and tingly feel to moisturizing feet. For softening calluses and corns rub this soothing cream into the feet any time. Massage with Aloe Foot & Callus Rub for full body relaxation.

Rub into feet at bedtime for all night moisturizing. Rub this cream into the feet at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. Spas use this rich cream at the end of pedicures and after foot masking treatments. The client is left with cool tingly feet that are moisturized and fresh.

Available in 5 oz and 16 oz jars.
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aloe body washALOE BODY WASH

Enzyme active aloe vera will deep clean and exfoliate rough, dry surface skin. Clogged pore bumps can be cleaned and left smooth when you use this cleanser each time you bathe. This special cleanser is made from gentle coconut soap, conditioning aloe vera, and a special herbal blend.

Use daily in the bath or shower for a fresh and clean feeling every day. Aloe Body Wash is formulated with enzyme-active aloe vera. No animal ingredients. Rinses clean leaving no soap residue on tub or shower walls.

Available in 2 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, and gallons.
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aloe mistMISTING & MASKING SPRAY “Lotion in a Mist”

Use the pure aloe liquid in a mist for removing masking products. As a take home product, you will find endless uses for Misting Aloe. Spray the cooling mist of aloe when entering a hot car.
Add a mist of hydration after a shower for a “lotion in a mist” freshness. Mist to set powder makeup and leave the aloe finish that feels perfect. Tanning bed users will Aloe Mist after the tanning session and wipe off the tanning bed odor with a towel. (It’s like a shower in a bottle.)

Mix Misting & Masking Liquid in equal parts with Masking Powder to create a mask that deep cleans, exfoliates dry surface skin and leaves skin with renewed freshness. Masking can be done on the face two or three times each week at home or at a spa.

Masking the hands with the same Mask Powder-Mask Liquid mixture used for facials gives dramatic moisturizing for the dry, rough skin of hands. Be sure to mask up the arm to include rough elbows for a long lasting supple feel.

The mask exfoliates dry surface skin and allows the enzymes and product nutrients to be absorbed into the skin. Be sure to feel the skin difference even before applying a finishing moisturizer.

Spas will apply this mask to feet during pedicure treatments. After removing the mask from the feet, be sure to apply Aloe Cuticle Cream and Foot & Callus Rub for a long-lasting aloe foot feel.
Watch our hand masking video here.

Available in 4 oz spray, 4 oz pour, 8 oz pour, and gallons.
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