Simple Body Wrap Variations

Body Wrap Solution Gel Wrapped with Warm Linens

This is a great wrap for those using the Body Wrap Solution Gel at home and are looking for the warm heat therapy that comes from the warm linens associated with the Classic Mummy Wrap.

Body Wrap Solution Gel is applied to the body either with a fan brush or a gloved hand and wrapped over with rolled lines that have been soaked in very hot water, squeezed and twisted so no dripping occurs. These rolled linens can be kept in a hot cabinet. Wrapping is done in the same manner as with the Classic Mummy Wrap. A vinyl warming suit over the cloths will hold body heat without perspiration.

This is similar to the Classic Mummy Wrap. The wrap cloths are moistened with water only and can be heated in the microwave. 

*Please see page for the Classic Mummy Wrap with help on how to wrap the linens.