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Spa/Salon/Clinic Uses:

Hairstylists: This light gel has a mild analgesic effect making it ideal for itchy scalp or curling iron burns. The gel dries clear and flexible giving light control in styling.

Facialists: This cooling and soothing gel is perfect after microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, galvanic current, and more. Use during light therapy treatments to protect skin from drying.

Hair Removal Specialist: Aloe vera deeply hydrates skin to encourage softness. Peppermint, and clove bud oils cool and calm on contact. This light gel is applied sparingly for 3 days following treatments to allow skin to normalize with out ingrown hairs or blemishes.

Massage Therapists: Facial massage with this gel leaves skin hydrated but not oily.

Dermatologists & Surgeons: This gel will keep the skin near incisions soft after surgical or laser procedures. Clove bud oil provides mild provides mild analgesic effect that reduces itching.

Barbers: Clients will love the cooling nature of this gel for a close shave, and to soothe skin after razor cuts.

Tanning salons: This gel is perfect after indoor or outdoor sun exposure. Soft hydrated skin will have the perfect glow.

Tattoo Artists: This soothing gel is the best for wiping the skin as you work. The mild analgesic effect and deep hydration help you create the most beautiful work ever.

Veterinary clinics and groomers: Safe for use on all of your furry or feathered companions. This gel soothes hot spots, reduces itching, and is perfect for cleaning ears. Also helps healing wounds and damaged skin.

Home Uses:

Aloe Comfrey Gel can be used at home in many of the same ways that professionals use it in clinic, salons and spas.

The healing combination of aloe vera, comfrey, and essential oils of clove, eucalyptus, and peppermint make this a must for every first aid kit. Perfect for cuts scrapes, burns, bug bites and sunburns.

Aloe Vera During Radiation Therapy Treatments: Clinics suggest to use Aloe Comfrey Gel generously over the locally affected areas 3 or 4 times each day during the Radiation Therapy Treatments to allow the aloe vera to cool and hydrate the affected skin tissue area. Do not apply any product to the local area 4 hours prior to radiation treatments.

Dental Care: Aloe promotes healing of gums and discourages bacterial growth. Simply swish with 1/2 oz of Aloe Comfrey Gel after brushing.

Shaving: This light gel provides the perfect amount of glide for your razor and softens your skin at the same time. Men love it for shaving face, head and body. Women love it for shaving even the most sensitive areas.

Skin Care: Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Try this gel as a daily moisturizer. The special blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and clove bud oils make it the perfect anti-microbial gel for hydrating blemished skin. Leaves no oily film that clogs pores.

Pet Owners: Safe for use on all of your furry or feathered companions. Aloe Comfrey Gel soothes hot spots, itching, insect bites, ear mites, gum disease and minor wounds. Natural ingredients and not harmful if ingested.