Cocoon Relaxation Wrap

Cocoon Relaxation Wrap

Cocoon Body Wrap

This gentle cocoon application combines the skin softening benefits of aloe vera, heat of warm application, and herbal detoxification.

Body Wrap Technicians have adopted a very effective cocoon method of application for therapeutic body treatments that produces the benefits above for clients with limited mobility, fibromyalgia, stiff joints, arthritis, chronic fatigue and more. Symptoms of these conditions are often cause or worsened by toxin overload in the body. This type of client will benefit from the detoxifying benefits of the Set-N-Me-Free Body Wrap that will ease the discomfort of these conditions along with the heat therapy that will help soften and release muscle tension.

Clients are lounged on a massage table or in a facial chair while the treatment is applied (as opposed to standing as in the mummy style wrap) and the cloth is gently “cocooned” around the body. This is a more comfortable treatment for clients who cannot or do not wish to stand during application.

No perspiration should occur during the treatment and no shower will be needed afterward.

Clients will be pleased with their smooth and soft skin after this treatment and will usually sign up for a series of 7 or 12 treatments that should be taken each 4-5 days.

Time: allow 65-75 minutes of treatment room time. Client lounge time is 45 minutes.

– Soak cotton cocoon towels in prepared Body Wrap Solution Concentrate and heat to 150 F (do not microwave)

– Warm Body Wrap Solution Gel to a comfortable temperature for application (100 F +/-) (do not microwave)

– Layer onto a massage table or facial chair in the following order: cotton blanket, plastic sheeting, cotton sheet.

1. Client intake/Health History – No spa treatment should be done without a complete intake form. If you find a client is contraindicated for the Set-N-Me-Free Aloe & Herb Body Wrap please see alternate solution methods at the end of these instructions.

2. If your client has showered at home with the Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Body Wash skip to step 3. If not, either have client scrub well with Aloe Body Wash using the spa shower if available, or follow the Cleansing Massage application at the end of these instructions.

3. Have your client use the restroom (so much easier to do before rather than in the middle of the treatment).

4. Have your client in cotton undergarments, so the solution will penetrate into the skin.

5. Use thermal gloves to wring out cocoon towels so they do not drip. Place them in a bowl and cover with a towel to keep warm.

6. Pour approximately 2 ounces of warm Body Wrap Solution Gel into a warmed bowl.

It is important for your clients’ comfort to work quickly or your client will chill.

1. With client in sitting position on your treatment lounge, apply with a fan brush, a thin layer of Body Wrap Solution Gel to the upper and lower back, shoulders, and back of arms.

2. Immediately remove one cocoon towel from your bowl and drape it over clients back. Assist client to lie down.

3. With the brush, apply a thin layer of Body Wrap Solution Gel to the chest and abdomen. If client wishes to have gel under bra area, place gel into clients hand and let her self-apply. Cover area with a hot cocoon towel.

4. The next area is the arms. Apply Body Wrap Solution Gel and wrap a cocoon towel around each arm.

5. Wrap the cotton sheet and plastic sheeting together around the client to cover and retain clients’ body warmth.

6. Apply Body Wrap Solution Gel to one leg and wrap a hot cocoon towel around it. Depending on the size of the client, you may need two towels on each leg. Place one under the leg and one over the leg. Repeat on second leg.

7. Wrap plastic sheeting and cotton sheet around client and tuck it in to keep client warm.

8. Wrap the cotton blanket up over your client from shoulders to toes and tuck it in.

9. Offer a pillow under the legs and neck for comfort.

10. Client will relax comfortably without perspiring for 45-minutes and then be unwrapped. Keep a warm towel around the client during the unwrapping process.

11. Any Body Wrap Solution Gel that is still damp on the skin, can be massaged in like a lotion.

12. Finish with an application of Set-N-Me-Free Skin Therapy Butter or Moisturizing Aloe Lotion.

Be sure the client has Aloe Body Wash to use at home daily to keep pores cleaned and dry skin exfoliated. Clients will be pleased with a series of 7 or 12 treatments scheduled twice each week.

Dispense a dime-sized amount of Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Body Wash into a wash basin and add a small amount of water. Moisten a soft washcloth in the basin and using a circular motion cleanse the clients’ skin. Use a warm damp cloth to rinse. Allow an extra 5-7 minutes for the Cleansing Massage.

Clients enjoy relaxing with the lavender scent of Set-N-Me-Free Body Wrap Solution Concentrate with Lavender essence. For clients who are contraindicated for the Aloe & Herb Body Wrap Solutions, you may use the cocoon wrap method using the d’Aloe Gentle Gel and the Natural Aloe Vera Liquid. Aromatherapy may be customized to suit your clients’ wants by adding essential oils to the Natural Aloe Liquid but NOT to the Aloe & Herb Body Wrap Solutions.

Towels, sheets, cocoon cloths and blankets should all be sanitized-washed and dried between clients. Leftover premixed Body Wrap Solution Concentrate can be refrigerated and used during the next week. Pre-soaked cocoon towels that were not used, can be refrigerated in a plastic bag and re-heated for use during the next week.



Heat Therapy


Skin Toning

Supplies Required

This specially formulated cleanser is essential to ensure proper absorption of body wrap solution. Client should use at home daily or in spa shower prior to treatment for best product absorption and effectiveness.

Mix 3 quarts of water to 1 quart of wrap solution in a 6 quart slow cooker and warm to 150F. (Save leftover solution in the refrigerator.) One gallon of Body Wrap Solution Concentrate is enough for about 15 full-body wrap treatments,

Gel is applied directly to the body to ensure full coverage for the best results.

Wet the bristles to keep it from overly absorbing Body Wrap Solution Gel.

Soaked in the Set-N-Me-Free Body Wrap Solution Concentrate until saturated and hot.

For twisting excess solution from cocoon towels.

Using half of a 9’x12′ painter’s drop cloth is the perfect size. This item is easily purchased at your local hardware store.

OR a heated blanket (set on low) to keep client warm during lounge time.

Large enough to wrap around your client.

For spa draping during procedure.

This form helps the body wrap technician to qualify each client for the correct body wrap treatment. It is also designed to track size loss and retail purchases.

Every client will want to share their results with friends and family. This easy to read brochure has space for salon contact information on the back.

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