Express Body Wrap


Body Wrap Solution Gel

As with the original linen wrap, the aloe penetrates the toxin cleansing herbs through the protein wall that surrounds the fat cells. Thus the herbs can move toxins from fat cells through intercellular osmosis, to the inner lymph system, creating size loss.

Soft and newer fat will be the first to disappear. Most cellulite requires 12 or more treatments. For soft fat, we recommend 7 or 12 treatment; timing the wraps 4-5 days apart, using the Aloe Body Wash in the shower daily.

This is an easy wrapping method. No training necessary. No practice treatments are necessary. Results will be visible the very first time when used as directed below. For lost size to stay off, one must drink the water within 24 hours and adjust eating to the new size.

Wrapping application:

*It is not necessary to wrap over and over or to cover the body tightly. Tight wrapping would impede the flow of toxins through the lymph system.